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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Walden Art Club has been around for more than 40 years

The Walden Art Club has been around for more than 40 years


At The Artist’s Easel With Christie Best-Pearson

If you have seen Best-Pearson’s work, you can’t help but be impressed by the obvious love that goes into each piece. In her distinct and expressive style, whether of a still life or a landscape, her paintings exude light and detail confirming hours of patience and talent. Though most of her work is done in transparent watercolour, using multiple glazes, she also works in pencil.

Drawn to the arts as a child through both music and drawing, Christie learned early that she could use these media to express herself, something that didn’t come easily for her. As she grew older and entered high school, Christie knew she wanted to be an artist.

Most of Christie’s art education is self-taught, but she has attended workshops of other artists and her influences have been Canadian artists Brigitte Schreyer and A.J. Casson of the Group of Seven. Christie also “learns as she goes,” picking up information through books and from other artists.

While married and raising children, Christie managed to find the time to paint out of necessity. More than just a hobby to her, it was a huge part of who she was as a person. When asked how she found the time, she said, “You have to CHOOSE. Do you watch sit down and watch a movie or do you draw? Do you go out with the girls for coffee or paint? And sometimes you just have to realize that a little bit of dust in your house is okay sometimes. I squeezed drawing in whenever I could.”

Throughout the years, Christie has been on the executive boards of the Elliot Lake Arts Club, the Northern Ontario Artists Association, the Manitoulin Fine Arts Association and the Walden Art Club.

Christie has exhibited in Northern Ontario, and has had several solo exhibitions on the Manitoulin, North Shore and Sudbury area. She does commissions of people working from both life and her own photographs as reference material for her work.

“What I would like to be able to do eventually is to stop work and just paint and work in my garden, have an open studio / gallery where people can come and go while I am working away. Although I have sold quite a few paintings and completed many commissions, selling my work has always been secondary to actually the joy of creating it. I just want to paint for the joy of it. So I guess I'll have to keep working at my "real job" so I can continue to do that. I also plan on teaching art again when I retire, whenever that happens. I do teach occasionally now - but because I work full time, that is limited at this point.”
by Victoria Tapper


At the Artist’s Easel with John Huang

A first impression of John Huang is that he is a quiet and unassuming man. That may be, but underneath this exterior lives a brilliant artist whose use of vibrant colours and soft pastel strokes breathes life into everyday subjects. Whether he is painting a giant peony or a nearby skyline of Sudbury, his extraordinary talent is obvious. But, in my opinion, it is his interpretation of classical Chinese painting that truly spotlights John’s breadth of artistry. To view one of these exquisite paintings, either in classical Chinese brush work or pastel, is to be transported to another time and place. Scenes of ancient villages nestled between jagged mountains and flowing rivers project the viewer to a far off land as if he or she were actually there. These pieces are meticulously done with little flourish and great detail. The addition of Chinese characters and John’s personal red seal, complete the compositions making them truly exceptional.

Born in China, John came to Canada in 1965 and spent his part of his professional life as Director of the Central Analytical Facility at Laurentian University. Although he has been painting most of his life, (he is for the most part self-taught as an artist), his work has been accepted into several prestigious art shows both in Canada and among his honours is winning the Omer De Serres Prize at the 10th Anniversary Exhibition of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada.

As a truly cherished member of the Walden Art Club, John shares his knowledge with the members through mini workshops and is always an inspiration. If you ever get an opportunity to see any of John’s work, please don’t pass it up!


At the Artist’s Easel with Linda Callander

When she was just a child in school, Linda Callander loved to paint. And her teachers encouraged her. Participating in the local school art competitions was a special treat for Linda who won a number of art certificates for her school.

As with most women with families, she has led a busy life raising her children and working outside the home. But her inherent passion for painting and creating has never died. She has even owned her own craft business.

Now that the family has grown and moved on, Linda can really devote herself to her artistic talents. Working primarily in acrylic, because of its forgiving nature and coloured pencil, which allows for many workable layers, Linda stretches her imagination and creativity to produce colourful landscapes, flowers, and wildlife.

Her work is distinct in its use of colour, technique and detail. Whether she paints a wildlife of deer, or a huge bunch of tulips, Linda’s work speaks for itself...talent and dedication to excellence.

When asked what she would like to try next, Linda said she wants to paint in a larger format, something 4’ x 6’ or larger, which includes doing a mural for the wall in her dining room. Obviously, a small detail like size is not a deterrent to her ambition.

Among her numerous awards and recognition for her work, Linda has received honourable mentions for her submissions to the prestigious Ducks Unlimited National Art Portfolio, first place for drawing at the Heritage Alive Show in Sheguiandah and the People’s Choice Award at the Elliot Lake Art Club show. 

As an long-time active member of the Walden Art Club, each year Linda works towards displaying her work at the club’s two yearly shows , as well as participating in all of the club’s other events. She is currently the club Librarian, “Keeper of the Books” so to speak. 

Come out and take a look!
by Victoria Tapper


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